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Which resolution for what purpose?


 Free (self3D Logo)
0,6 MPix

2 MPix

16 MPix

web-ads / blog / facebook
web-graphics full screen + ++ +++
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+++ more than enough ++ ideal +  of limited suitability - not suitable


Free (self3D logo)

You will receive a full quality image for free. However, no separate shadow and mask files are included, which are automatically included with the paid order options. In addition, the self3D.com logo is shown in the image.

You can use, publish, share and distribute this image for any purpose, but the logo that is displayed must not be cut away, hidden or otherwise altered. The self3D.com logo must remain visible at each publication or dissemination.

Please note that failure to comply with the above restrictions constitutes a license infringement. With your order you confirm the knowledge of the above license conditions for the use of pictures ordered as 'Free (self3D logo)'.


  • What is Self3D?

  • self3D is your tool of choice to create professional 3D product visualizations with ease - no professional knowledge needed. A variety of scenes created by experienced 3D artists can be used as a starting point to configure and individualize your product images. At the end, you get a picture of your product, just the way you want it.

  • Are there sample files for testing?

  • If you do not have your own design at hand, you can also work with the preloaded artwork of the scene and upload your layout later on. Just try it, the small resolution version is free.

  • My product is not available?

  • This shop is still under construction and so far only a small number of products are available. But there are more and more to come. We create custom scenes on request especially for our customers. So do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Why is the preview image pixelated in the configurator?

  • In order to give you a meaningful preview, we use the same elaborate image calculation as in the final image. To not make you wait too long, the picture for the preview is roughly calculated at first and then a little finer. You may get an additional improvement by clicking on the "Refine Preview" button in the top right corner of the configurator.

  • How good is the quality of the finished images?

  • You will receive the final picture as PNG in the highest quality with the desired image size (up to about DinA3 at 300dpi). Many scenes contain additional layers with cropping, shadows, reflections etc. to facilitate the integration of the images into their own designs. A distinct advantage over photos.

  • How long do I have to wait for my pictures?

  • The image will be calculated immediately after completing the order. Usually after about 10 minutes you will receive an e-mail with a download link. You can download your picture whenever you like (also several times).
    Please note any additional information in the article. The high-resolution images may sometimes take a little more time (up to 1 hour). In some cases, a computing power is used that corresponds to more than a hundred 'normal' desktop computers.

  • In what format can I upload my data?

  • Many scenes allow you to upload your personal designs as PNG or JPG. Other data, such as dimensions, can be comfortably adjusted in the user interface. Of course, we pay special attention to the security of your data and the results are only available to you.

  • In which size (DPI) do I have to upload the designs?

  • That dpi setting does not really matter as long as the picture is big enough. self3D will automatically scale your image to the size of the product. For best results it makes sense to export the image from the used graphics program with the setting 300dpi.

  • Why RGB and not CMYK colors?

  • Because the calculation of images on our servers takes place systematically in the RGB color space, the uploaded data must also be RGB. Since CMYK images always contain less color information than images in RBG (essentially meaning they are worse), it makes sense for you to use the finished images in RGB and only convert them to the correct CMYK target color space at the time of printing (eg book printing).

  • My design has a bleed area. Do I have crop it?

  • That makes sense, because our scenes work with the final format. There are, however, settings to position pictures with trimming correctly.

  • What are expert scenes?

  • Most scenes have only a handful of different parameters to customize them to your liking. By that, we ensure meaningful results, simple and fast operation and still individual images.
    For the cracks and tinkerers among our users, the expert scenes offer significantly more options for editing.

  • Can I use settings again?

  • Yes, you can apply the settings of finished images for new configurations (same scene). To do this, click on "Copy configuration" either in the shopping cart or in the mail to the finished calculated image. Here's a short video quicktip .

  • How can I use the images (license rights)?

  • We grant you a temporally and spatially unrestricted right to use the images you create. You can copy and use them as you like. You are responsible for compliance with the license rights of the images uploaded by you.